Gift Vouchers

Strive for returning customers, not returning products!

There is nothing that customers love more than gift cards. Does your business offer this service to your customers? If not, we design and pring vouchers personalised to your expectations and company image.

Product Details:

Material: Range from 120gm - 350gm
Colour: Printed in Full Colour
Quantities: Ranges from 50 to 2000
Finish Size Available: DL, A6, A5, Custom Size
Turnaround: 6 Working Days
Accepted File: PDF

Product info

You may not think that having gift vouchers of any kind is important, however, it would be an expectation of a customer for a company to offer them. This would place a bad image on the company. Here at CorePrint we see the importance of gift vouchers for a number of main reasons: start up customer relations, extra profit and reducing risk of producer return.

Many people would give gift vouchers to friends or family who may not have a good knowledge of your company. The minute a possible customer receives a voucher, an instant relationship is created. We like to refer to this as B to C Relations (Business to Customer Relations). This also means that presentation of the voucher is extremely important for company image.

When these vouchers are promoted and advertised to the target market, the main perk is seen to be profit gain. Even if gift vouchers are not redeemed, they are paid for upfront which is considered to be a massive plus for any business.

Lastly, gift vouchers reduce the risk of product return. Many people buy gifts for people that are the wrong colour, shape, size etc and within a short period of time the product is returned. Gift vouchers reduce that from happening by allowing the customer to choose the product themselves.

Overall, they are on essential for all businesses.



The Small Print . . . . .All prices exclude VAT, Design & Delivery charges unless otherwise specified. You will be kept informed of the progress of your order on a daily basis. You may also collect your project from our office free of charge. We process print in CMYK. Certain projects are suitable for our Digital Presses, some are more suited to our Lithographic Process. We will make this decision on your behalf. If you have a preference on how your project is produced, please contact us before placing your order.

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