Designing Your Booklet Printing Part One

            Booklet printing is a great promotional strategy that can be used in many ways to promote and market your business. Of course the term 'booklet printing' is a very broad one and can cover a vast range of different types of book – many of which can be highly valuable to a company trying to spread its name and promote its products or services. A booklet is a particularly good way to promote a company in fact as it allows you to fill it with images and words and can be as large as you like. This means that there's no limit as to what you can put in there – unlike posters printing or silk cards. Either of these things of course have their place promotionally, but they do not allow you to give the same amount of information. At the same time a booklet creates an urge for itself to be read. That is to say that when you see a book lying on the table, particularly if you have designed it well, you will want to pick it up and flick through it – something that you would be less likely to do with silk cards.