Designing Your Booklet Printing Part Nine

            This will allow for more easy browsing through the items on display, while at the same time enabling you to fit more in across more pages. You want each item to have a photo next to it so it catches the eye and this will need to be a certain size. However that aside, the main strategy is to try and fit as many items onto each page as possible – thus keeping down the costs of your booklet printing and the weight for any additional postage.

            Other aspects of your booklet printing will be the same across the board and are important to consider. For instance when using binding services you need to decide how you are going to have the pages attached. This will affect how the booklet looks and how easy it is to flick through, how durable it is and more. In general perfect binding is a great option for things like portfolios and also works very well with large catalogues. This is because perfect binding is durable and can be applied to lots of pages, and because it looks very professional. The perfect binding is what you get when you buy a floppy back book, which is a good example of how it can look the part with a  nice glossy cover.