Designing Your Booklet Printing Part Ten

            However for a smaller brochure printing you might only need a few staples down the middle, while in some cases photo books can use a ring binder (though perfect binding always feels more professional this is easier for flicking through and leaving open on a table).

            The design of the cover is something else you need to consider, and how you make this look will affect a lot of things. Make sure your cover is shiny and that you use good booklet printing, but at the same time it comes down to you and how you handle the design aspect. Make sure that you have a bold and eye catching image on the front if it's a catalogue, and maybe something that reflects some of the best items inside. To keep down the price of brochures printing you might opt to have more items and deals on the front rather than add an extra page in (a title for the brochure could still go along the top). For photo books and portfolios you might want something more minimalist and stylish, such as a simple name in a corner or across the centre which piques the curiosity of those looking.