Barcode plastic cards


The bar code can be divided into one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code. 1D codes are commonly used, such as the bar code on the packaging of everyday goods is one-dimensional code; its storage capacity is limit, only store a code, it is to take the data in the computer through the code. Two-dimensional code developed in recent years, it can be stored for more information in a limited space, including text, images, fingerprints, signatures, and can be used out of the computer.

We offer Barcode Cards which has a reference number and has ID data encoded in it and that amount of data is used by a computer to look up all specific information associated with the data. Barcode cards are used on bar code readers. They scan the bar code, decode the information and transmit it typically to a computer. Based upon scanning technology the scanners can be classified as CCD (Charged Couple Device) and Laser scanners

Barcode cards provide customers with a convenient and user-friendly payment solution for purchases and a cost-effective gift program for merchants and retailers. Merchants issue barcodes cards as an alternative method of payment. The card is equivalent to cash, with the convenience of a credit or debit card. A monetary value is placed on the card by barcode. The merchant benefits because there's a decrease in cash handling and the elimination of paper gift certificates.

Option: EAN13, code 39,code 128,2D barcode, Invisible Barcode: An "obscuration panel" printing over the bar code in a grey color this covers the bar code that would prevent the bar code from being photocopied but still enables the bar code to be read correctly by a bar code reader.

Barcode types: Code39 (Standard 39 yards), Coda bar Code, Code25, ITF25 yards, Matrix25, UPC-A code, UPC-E code, EAN-13 code, EAN-8 code, China Post code (a variant of matrix 25 code), code-B code, MSI code, Code11 yards, Code93, ISBN code, ISSN code, Code128, Code39 EMS (EMS dedicated 39code), and PDF417 two-dimensional bar code.

Two ways to print the bar code on cards: Thermal printing and ink jet printing